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BBQ & Chaos 

I’m indelible sworn 

born from the fire that burned slow 

untouchable within my Company Flow 

load the chamber when my money gets low 

stone cold existence 

pain bleeds from the pen 

watch my soul get christened 

deadlights glisten, shot of adrenaline 

Pennywise specimen, shape shift acumen 

the first cuts accurate 

Rob Sonic Plaster Man 

Mr. Magic rap attack 

came up with bboys selling gats and crack 

out the backs of Cadillac's 

rehash the battle ax

cooking up barbecue and chaos 

98 Jordan in the playoffs 

Oz’s in paint cans 

selling hydroponic to white girls with spray tans 

smack the shit out of you 

like Sean Price adlibs on playback 

Berserker Fury 

Don’t let ‘em push the button cousin
who let the dusted gluttons in the function?
this ones dedicated to the baby boomers
daily gloomers who maneuver through the future
with scalpel and suture gettin’ the world wide open
takin’ back the stolen notions that
there’s no hope for the hopeless
while the soulless steal our token
forcing us to roast the potent
pour the Molsen holdin’ our emotions
while they steal the word from the pulpit
ignoring the fact the globe is more corrosive
focus, chokin’ on nuclear wind
back then when me and Stukin the kid
where boozin’ the gin, cruisin’ for chicks
not realizing sin was the movement within
penning anthems for the masses
bringing forth this classic
unleashing the magic of the manical ox
who unlocked the lock that my mandible got
birthing my own radical rock
letting go of fanatical plots
I’m going down in a blaze of shots
rot in eyes of judge and jury
feeling my berserker fury

Skeleton Key 

Soul unrested my minds infested
with other peoples questions
I’ve never taken the time
to relieve my own tension
open up my thoughts and find
where the scars are impressed in
how does it make you feel
you don’t know the reasons
for your best friends lessons?
where there’s pain you find the connection
what about that little girl
you tried to give the world?
hope you didn’t mess up her vision of life
by putting your heart where she isn’t
regret getting her name
tatted on your wrist yet?
it’s being a father figure from a distance
it’s unfortunate you can’t live through intention
happy birthday baby, maybe one day
you’ll understand what you been through
when you feel sadness
that’s the Devil trying to get you
remember I’m always with you
til then I’m an empty seed
left with my heart for a skeleton key

Dollar Billed Pyramids 

In God I trust
knock the dust off my faced in value
I’m chased in volume
encased in volume of money, cash, hoes
bloody stash nose
her body has those curves
that instill the thrill
to kill bills like
some coked up Beatrix Kiddo
in the back of spliffed out limos
without the tinted windows
suckin’ for the fiscal
her bodies oh so sinful
to the instrumental of
Can’t It Be So Simple
lookin’ at this girl there’s nothing
she won’t get into
while her son’s at home
smashin’ on Nintendo
she’s blowin’ on them whistles
down to the creamy gristle
gettin’ whipped by pistols
just to feed her kiddo
100 dollar billers
make her titties jiggle
thinkin’ my God, he’s never gonna uplift you

Wonder Years 

What’s wrong with that man Daddy?
I don’t know, keep staring
he’s a freak show
legs sponsored by Calico
police peek through the peep hole
and see the tears of Calixto
huddled over Nico
blood fresh off the needle
witnessing the last time
the rush fuckin’ pleased you
fold your hands son
here comes the church
and the steeple
then the people who tried to piece you
and your mind as feeble
holding onto drugs
as the reason God won’t keep you
my soul became see through
flash my confined mind to the 1-9-9-9
at that time when I took a blind sign
to a nines shine
seconds away from resting my sublime mind
on a Pink Floydian wall
outsiders think Freudian thoughts
appropriate laws lay under fears
to get me through the wonder years

From After Years Of Television

Locust Myst 

Oh my God I’m in fight for my life
struggling to see the light
I lift the last bit of rubble and bricks
to wake up to a sunless kiss
surrounded by the locust mist
face severely burned upper lip blistered
greeted by mother natures nuclear winter
accompanied by apocalypse her twin sister
feet splintered Jesus now I know how Christ felt
when the non believers dealt their hand to sinners
nailing his soul to wooden fixtures
which mirrors the reflection of a society
bent on self propriety
eyeing me a dead weight
not a contribution element
cursing my melanin I don’t ride the dick
of a mule or elephant
words once heaven sent become here say
like knowledgeable abdominal follicles
off the Devils topical
funny how Armageddon changes your perception
continue to move through the wreckage
looking for medics or where enforcement is
come to remains of an orphanage
dead children, burning buildings, gone are my feelings
it’s bad enough I’m dealing with the scenic
piles of dolls plastic and pissy mattress
oh shit a survivor maybe he knows what happen

Notice The Unnoticed 

Back where it all started
asleep and half hearted
half man half martyr
lookin’ to unmask the masked target
bumpin’ I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
loud and obnoxious
quoting the Koran
for good grace of the prophets 
cuz the devil ain’t no locksmith
find solace in parallel elevation
of public transportation
scopin’ inebriated faces
lookin’ at life as makeshift
sharing the same hustler nature
same lustful hatred
reaching for the hand of God
with a closed fist wrist broken
carrying the weight of the hopeless
even God notices the unnoticed
same line, same mind, same grind, same find
the grass is always greener
even for the dense
drawn from a dead end sketch
cuz they didn’t even know
when and where to make the catch

American Graffiti 

Breath radiation of Saturn
splatter actors faster than the teachings of the master
terrorists exist in all forms of attackers
from the White House to country side pastures
leavin’ Cube’s banter fractured
what does it matter?
all that matters is the matter that lives in the here after
bending over pastors for making children a prophets bastard
pillaged for monetary stature
becoming wannabe rappers like condoms that have been nutted in
true art on punishment
to put it in laymen
my statements are laced with hatred and anguish
crashin’ New York Jets like demented Joe Namaths
patience run thinner than diarrhea Steven King novels
hostile coke sniffers become president mouths limber
gambling freedom for nuclear winter
injure democratic communism as holographic Kennedy’s
snipers wish they could hit ‘em
the governments an immune system
rejecting the cure for the sickness
with crooked crucifixes
as the middle class and needy
become the sacrificial lamb for American graffiti

When Lightning Strikes 

Speak with dominant hammers
as a kid surrounded by guns
drugs and recognizable cancers
so I searched for definable answers
within West Side country grammar
world broken down in multiple fractures
16 bars, Sistine art, pristine knots
mislead God’s which breeds odds
self lord and master
welcome to life after
the bastard word crafter
bumpin’ ghetto blasters
echoing His Majesty’s Laughter
basking in alpha matter
emerging from the womb with 30 tattoos
no stab wounds or clap wounds
all this gun talk and no Papoose?
that’s like a black dude growing Hitler’s mustache
packin’ gun racks
screamin’ I love crack
reality bites mics
when my lightning strikes twice


Blood and tears the familiar libation
Gemini’s twin sky pacin’ bloodlines sacred
half jazz musician, quarter addict and beautician
walkin’ with the skewed vision of the people
in case you missed it
you asked for my past
well I’m that fragmented piece of glass
screamin’ when oppression shattered my American dream
it’s not hopeless til the masses take notice
and the country bestows it
imagine me unfocused
a place you don’t want to be
like a child abductor claiming to be your ex lover mother fucker
puncture the skull structure of Usher Raymond
with angered patrons who like gats and spiked bats
painted a picture so perverse
Chili named it after the hand of God engraved it
terrorists laughing in the face immigration
taking retribution for Iraqi oil spilled faces
now my thoughts have no factual basis
cuz my brain is complacent
in the playstation generation
take heed to my social commentary declaration