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Chi Mil Triangle 

Cannibalism exists within my metabolism
fanatical wisdom is encrypted in a radical system of inscriptions
to imprison what I’m livin’
I bear witness, givin’ you the naked truth
the government killed wives of Black Panthers like Ray Caruth
entertainment proves savin’ beseeched me
each second I become an endangered species
demons visit me in dream scenes
indeed there’s an increased need for peace
released into space I face my thoughts jarred
after I sparred with astrological czars
composing Allah akbars on Tabernacle shards somewhere between Earth and Mars
God’s son surrounded by 93 billion wannabe stars
shrouded in mystery, I consume the moon swallowin’ American History X
pretense to lobotomy
obviously my logic is lost in basslines and mosh pits
young minds embezzled I wrestled with dirty money
movin’ for currency so I spear mints
listeners don’t hear shit begin defecation
becoming the illest thing walkin’ the street
since the first AIDS patient classified by the World Health Organization

Ghosts Over Your Shoulder 

Bullet riddled riddles
waiting to meet death in the middle
traveling roads to no answers
no cure for cancer
6am time to be a slave to the masters
high blood pressure
short of breath
slowly dying from the stress
I could care less
pumped full of drinks and cigarettes
hoping my brain disconnects
when there's nothing left
hold for exposure
ghosts over my shoulder
ghost in the shell
frozen in hell
I'm 32 it hurts to move
pop these pills
lay still
God's coming for the kill
watch the world burn
for the thrill that's ill