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Gateway Drug 

Bare my souls grace 
burn green to probe space post haste 
showin' God my smoke face 
stoned pain breaks the choke chain 
blown brain, toned bass, explode rage 
problematic ashes 
burn your house of cards 
to expose the magic, tapped in 
the 2nd Latin rapper 
to leave your skull baffled 
bones shattered, automatic closed casket 
fast lane, I've blown past it with no manners
broke bastard to so lavish 
toed tragic, exposed passage 
radiated flow savage, fantastic damage 
pragmatic cult classic 
toe taggin' stolen masses 
spit gasses, soaking matches 
when hope passes 
til then I'm killin' masters with chrome hammers

Notebook Sickness  

Down a couple of shots and beers 
fear liquidates my tears 
what am I doing here? 
should I be armed to the teeth, warfare

dreams remove evidence of elements 
that protected youthful resemblance

reminisce about the decade of decadents

sick of riding the bench 

next to the stench of death 
this is my last hit, short of breath 
paranoia extorts cops hunting for sport 
another pull off the Newport 
societies reflection is fact that doom implores 
what you think the movements for? 
distort dissection of past transgressions

cap aggression Smith and Wesson 
packed with lessons 
genocide always intended 
swept under the rug no mention 
unless levied as leverage 
jettison political medicine 
devastation, end game declaration 
final move cultural castration

Grown Up Rap 

I’m broken, damaged 
rocking Sean P the savage 
pen ink the automatic package 
distracted from empty fridges 
mental sickness reaching all types of frigid 
sleep with sinners fight the emotional winter 
cold broke, no soap, roaches, rats, 
dead love, ducking lead slugs 
off with my head 
Wastelands back from the dead 
rewind selector, lyrics measured 
born from conjecture 
cock the the lever 
bullet to your dentures, unpause the rebel 
my life is mental film stock, dead stock 
America First code for oppression 
protesting in the streets disconnected 
hands up don’t shoot 
I can’t breathe either 
watching these pigs kill off American dreamers


I awoke from a winter slumber 
waiting on my ticket to hell’s hot summer 
pen with the hustle of gunners 
swing the lumber 
and watch the fear of god man handle you 
illustrate the violence from my mandible 
for sinners sake 
put the content of my mind on a dinner plate 
watch the world eat it up 
like Hannibal the cannibal 
shots cracking your clavicle, so masterful 
pictures painted from anguish 
makin’ my language nickel plated 
look in the mirror 
filled with anger and hatred 
testing my patience 
my arrogance is so blatant 
Windy City in my blood 
lovin’ my cadence 
get out of my business 
unless you’re running with payments 
I’m so shameless

Live From Inner Thought 

Sometimes I just want to 
do drugs and drink 
it's too hard to think 
madness on the brink 
the missing link 
skeletons emerge from the closet 
brain celibate dancing the devils mosh pit 
John Malkovich with a gun to my head 
in the cockpit 
counting down the clock ticks 
rain pours to wash away the toxins 
not knowing who God is 
grew up catholic chilling with convicts 
learning the block pitch 
dealers cutting up the drop ship 
definition of context 
money knots swelling up my pockets 
running from the darkness 
bullet proof dodging the glock kiss 
38 in the game of life still a novice 
verbalizing my written correspondence 
live from inner thought 
dead man walking amongst lost prophets 
backed in a corner running out of options

BBQ & Chaos 

I’m indelible sworn 
born from the fire that burned slow 
untouchable within my Company Flow 
load the chamber when my money gets low 
stone cold existence 
pain bleeds from the pen 
watch my soul get christened 
deadlights glisten, shot of adrenaline 
Pennywise specimen, shape shift acumen 
the first cuts accurate 
Rob Sonic Plaster Man 
Mr. Magic rap attack 
came up with bboys selling gats and crack 
out the backs of Cadillacs 
rehash the battle axe 
cooking up bbq and chaos 
98 Jordan in the playoffs 
Oz’s in paint cans 
selling hydroponic to white girls with spray tans 
smack the shit out of you 
like Sean Price adlibs on playback