My Story 

Written by: @jpeepz 

There is a legacy of storytelling in hip hop music. From Slick Rick and KRS-ONE to the poets of today, hip hop has always been a way to comment on our world, ourselves, and share the tales of triumph and tragedy that fill our communities every day. For nearly 20 years, Short Fuze has shown his world and himself over drum loops, baring his soul in unabashed, brutal honesty. 

With a unique delivery and impressive wordplay, Short Fuze makes music to teach, inspire thought and spread the gospel of the hip hop culture. He shines light on places people would often rather not see and pushes listeners to confront their own fears and challenges, all within the context of our unjust and material-obsessed society. 

Hailing from Chicago, Short Fuze recently released “Autonomy Music,” his second feature album on Uncommon Records. Six years after his groundbreaking debut, “Lobotomy Music,” Short Fuze reunites with Uncommon Nasa on “Autonomy Music,” weaving tales of growing up in the Windy City and freeing himself from the shackles of personal, social, political and spiritual fear. 

From his early days as a member of the group W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S., Short Fuze has worked to push people out of their comfort zone—to help them see the smoke and mirrors that hide the often ugly realities of our world. With Short Fuze, it’s all about perspective, education, introspection and enlightenment. Because even if albums end up at the bottom of a bargain bin and rappers fade into obscurity, Short Fuze writes and raps to challenge and change perceptions, one listener at a time.