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Gods Waiting Room  

Summon the many arms of Vishnu
to illustrate what I been through
born from a crippled stencil
automated Denku tenchu
walk with so much end view
people ask which God sent you
world’s built on penciled lectures
submerged in clockwork textures
so the masses don’t forget you
words Ginsu stick you
to the point the hands of fate won’t stitch you
mutilated cuts over Nasa’s instrumental temper
the previously expressed views represent Fuze 
anything else is a flagrant fuck you
like when El Producto was shakin’ Russell
or when Kimora was takin’ Russell’s pape and hustle
suck it ride ride the snake head muscle
in IPod’s I’m God
uncivilized like Jews scribin’ Muhammad’s face in krylon
eating pigs in eye shot
rockin’ Mein Kamph
screamin’ my God this is what I’m on
from the top of Mt. Zion
battling Jesus Christ and Dylon draped in Izod
cross the pylon 7 points
like when 85 percent find God
my career won’t be defined by nine shots
lifter of gall to elevate a brawl
will the gangsters pop off?
Naw I don’t think they got the balls
bullet casings tappin’ your jaw
until my thumb compresses gun powder into your skull
defying physical law leaving onlookers in awe 

I speak through revelations of man
to withstand the pressure of granite and sand
stained glass cuts the prophets hand
blood becomes toxic dislodging DNA strands
turnin’ Yaway to man
and for a moment my soul was hemoglobin
stolen where the remedies to destroy mythological enemies
which became amenities to put men at ease
then turn around and make the word of God an obscenity
makin’ the planet a universal centerpiece for sinful pedigrees
humanity rock carves, the rock starves
my shadow has no choice but to lounge under dog stars
waiting to shed some light on my insight
shove a knife through my eye socket
so my mind gets the point
anoint the circumference of world a perfect circle
summoning enough inertia to bring down
three dimensional sunspots to burn you
with no where to turn to
your views blistered in discontent during winter
like homeless alcoholics juggling bursting vodka bottles over exposed livers
shiver at the thought of normality
the heavens patterned me at the peak mastery
in kings majesty making my earth eclectic
birthing my music soul child
somewhere between the gangsta era and Afro centric


Dear journal my outlook has become nocturnal
with nothing to turn to spiritualism is segregated
wondering if the entrance to heaven is gated
or is inner peace exaggerated?
walkin’ with castrated brain matter
calculating deaths data into physical matter
wanting it the moment after
masqueraded declaration of struggle
secreted from amniotic muscle
vaginal walls begin to crumble
giving my eyes something to sun to
words of expression are muffled from artistic hustle
as the power of God comes through
the world just assumes then deducts you
while previous beliefs you’ve run to shun you 
minuscule ridicule is burden of genius
in my dreamin’ I team with demons
to slap the be Jesus out Christ
with the might of mankind
to give him insight on what its like
to live a life inside his light
falling off the pedestal
readies you to be tailored for failure through anger
then turn around and praise her
for favors from the saviors you’ve already alienated
not realizing you’ve cut off your ears to think in silence
close your eyes and see the world the way God designed it 

I’ve blown out the 24th candle on my birthday cake
to calculate the weight of mistakes
made against the world that ain’t
riding the faint taste of fate
as happiness escapes each time my heart palpitates
scowl in amazement at the smiling faces
that strayed from my graces on my training day
applaud change but I’m afraid
I’ve missed my opportunity to gain a leg on the human race
tainted pages paced with patience
parallel with endangered statements
paraded by abrasive language
ending the novel idea/ that I’m a descendant of Pangaea
I see a beacon of glimmer
as holy water simmers in sinners
as scriptured pictures become what my life is framed in
I walk in a misshapen body
oddly enough my tear ducts/ scream I don’t give a fuck
tears of joy deploy for a boy who’s become a man
has yet to understand God’s plan
that was predated when his soul took a vacation in the physical Matrix
and got caged in my hope floats

Don't Feed The Machine 

I awoke somewhere between the war of ambition
teetering on the line of fact and fiction
getting burned by the friction
of self savior and victim
enriched with not so God like decisions
birthed within the laws written
plagued by the infinite question
whether religion is a creation of God?
or is God a creation of religion?
to keep us livin’ in the perforated image
christened in our own obsession and sickness
pushin’ the limits conjured by existence
life is a game of inches
but its hard to move forward
when you lack the vision
to judge the distance to the finish
a dishwasher in Hell’s kitchen
drowning in black holes
once covered by my burned bridges
walk a mile in my shoes
if my angels permit it
consumed by daily pace
getting a leg up in the human race
do my features still describe a human face?
capable of human grace?
wondering if I put my heart again
will there be someone who takes?
chase my convictions of spiritualism
didn’t inherit my fathers alcoholism
but I got his rage and pain
coursing through my veins
his muted traits is what my music makes
hold it back and let my dreams react
to the ghost of the man in black 

Open time, open door
open mind, open sore
open scheme, broken dreams
broken breathe, don’t feed the machine

This one goes out to my biological father
who didn’t bother after takin’ my mother to the alter
sought to destroy his creations
pushing women to devastation
forcin’ them to touch elevation
rethinkin’ the scope of the presentation
separation all in a blink
lost soul in the drink reflect in the sink
oldest son on the brink of drugs and jewelry
back then that’s what suited me
listeners will understand if they knew
how the hunger pain were doing me
I thought weed, sneakers and women
were the proof of me
til friends were murdered brutally
bullet wounds shook in me
that the hand of God wasn’t movin’ me
now I’m cruisin’ streets with my grandmothers wisdom
she said not to be a victim of the system
be the voice of the people
shine the worded image on their sickness
show the children there’s more to life
than hustlin’ in front of buildings
there’s lots of things in the world that can kill them
that the world can build them
if they let go the feeling of the ceiling
and bring a difference element
with my last will and testament
this ones dedicated to my wastelands brethren
I’m sorry our music didn’t do a better job to better men
I guess the world wasn’t ready to take the medicine

Poison Makes Me Pretty 

Welcome my world how to begin it?
limped into Nasa labs on a mission to quiet the cynics
overhaulin’ my life from a distance
civilence mic check one, two
couldn’t walk in God’s shoes even if I want to
its not that I don’t love you
its just I got another place to run to
giving pain the old run through
ask yourself this
what if your heart pumped you
full of women’s indignants
or watching your best friend
get overcome by addiction
then not giving the message of his sickness
then witness his younger sister
get imprisoned by promises of wedding kisses
mixing love for good dickin’
then herself turn to syringes
while the world says good riddance
no rest for the wicked
ever since I made the decision
to wrap my five digits around a pistol
made my final wishes cursed a couple bitches
squeezed the trigger
awoke alive as the voice of the underprivileged
ever since a Cannibal Ox told me to scream Phoenix
surrounded by pigeons fighting for crumbs and inches
protected by God’s vision
the peoples fist has arisen

Today pain placed a number on the age of innocence
I died a little inside when hardcore went impotent
bags under my eyes indifferent to images
of my grandmother injecting insulin
or havin’ to find my friend overdosed on heroin
for the sake of keepin’ this conversation spirited
why was life so hard
when I had to pull the needle from his arm?
wanted time to restart
when I had to call his wife
to tell her life changed
all because he found that vein
too selfish and vain to explain to his kids
he had no will to live
it’s shit like this that makes me want to reattempt
to put a bullet between my lips and french kiss death
what do I got to miss?
heaven won’t even tell me she loves me
the greatest love to never happen
heart broken in fragments
dead with passion my reaction
why won’t the hand of God touch me?
why does the devil try and fuck me?
I guess I’m what happened to ugly

Spirits of dead friends walk in the rain
soul rage paints with blood of the slain
8 blunts of flame straight to the brain
bounce in and out of sane
tryin’ to embrace 99 names
shaking the angst of deception
fallen friends, injections
time tested aggression
buried within the shadow of the half moon crescent
all I’m left with is the curse of God
oh God, I’ve cursed God
God damn it I hate this planet
and the fact I’ve taken my life for granted
while the rich allow the poor to to be stagnate
my spiritual conviction inches me closer
to believe love is wicked
hum du allah, pushed into the arms of a broken star
when the sun filled that void
while the dark side of moon left me destroyed
bring on the ‘noid heard a voice ask me
if I’m friends with God
or friends with Satan
It depends upon the situation
my dreams flip through pages of anguish
cleansed with wisdom of the ancient
chasing the life force that loves me
til then I ask what happen to ugly

Berserker Fury 

Don’t let ‘em push the button cousin
who let the dusted gluttons in the function?
this ones dedicated to the baby boomers
daily gloomers who maneuver through the future
with scalpel and suture gettin’ the world wide open
takin’ back the stolen notions that
there’s no hope for the hopeless
while the soulless steal our token
forcing us to roast the potent
pour the Molsen holdin’ our emotions
while they steal the word from the pulpit
ignoring the fact the globe is more corrosive
focus, chokin’ on nuclear wind
back then when me and Stukin the kid
where boozin’ the gin, cruisin’ for chicks
not realizing sin was the movement within
penning anthems for the masses
bringing forth this classic
unleashing the magic of the manical ox
who unlocked the lock that my mandible got
birthing my own radical rock
letting go of fanatical plots
I’m going down in a blaze of shots
rot in eyes of judge and jury
feeling my berserker fury

Doomsday Device 

Hey yo peace God
I said peace God
over centuries many have tried to beseech God
unpiece and then reteach God
in their own vision and image
somebody please seat the cynics
but I didn’t convey McVey
and when the towers came down
I was angry my eyes were misty
that day I was a resident of New York City
you couldn’t shift me from in front of the TV
believe me my brain was bludgeoned
from hours of news coverage
that’s something I’ll never forget in my lifetime
but then we disrespect the dead
with talk of conspiracy theories and oil pipelines?
I was disgusted with negativity portrayed towards Muslims
like we got together at a function
and celebrated the anguish
that people felt searching for family
revolution didn’t come from calamity
now I’m supposed to give up/ my shot at mastery
because some terrorists got fed some bullshit at an extremist factory?

Break Down The Walls 

28 degrees wind chill below zero
put on the cape its time to play hero
God the grind is so sterile
looking to freeze time like Hiro
realizing my life runs on batteries
the battery of my MP3 player
summoning demon slayers with clarity
Razor Fund angels staring me towards the sun
saving me from the flash flood
the battery of my phone
is anyone out there?
I know I’m not alone
call me to let me know
I still have a soul
cut me off at the knees
a walking prayer ain’t no pun
Jesus, someone had to loosen the clip on that gun
2001 the year I found God
my God help me break down the walls
to help me find my lost cause
it's detrimental to the sequential events
that spawn cause and effect
and the effect it has on the thoughts in my head
once left for dead
remember that time I asked for a sign?
and said if you deliver me a healthy baby
music doesn’t have to pay me
well the first seven years were a monster
but the last two
I’ve got got to reconnect with my daughter
but my music career still falters
coincidence?, maybe from the distances the cynics sit
relationships on kindred shit
looking for Sleeping Beauty but I’m Milicent
brain pumping militant an icy view
in to the ICU
shook to shit when I found
my brother was due
in the shooters class at NIU
God I see you
your soul ain’t see through
from the clouds you peek through
how do you do? Mr. me too
forcing me to bleed through
they say the deepest cuts teach you
forcing the heavens to keep you they need you
tattoos are martyr scars
look Mom I can ride my bike with no handlebars
maybe that’s why my legs don’t work
I know we always haven’t been on the best terms
but I want you to know
your persistence and measure
helped me make the best turn
thank you for helping me find forever
I hope you still got your dream catcher
break down the walls

Master Peace 

The history of the world has long been disputed
my existence was proven when I spawned micro organisms
and eventually the first human
reactions of dust and gasses
began a circular movement
for the universes improvement
for centuries scientists where clueless
on the origin of the solar system they lived in
numerical wisdom positioned them to believe
there was a mathematical equation
for the billions of galaxies created
not realizin’ I’m the scientific explanation
behind the big bang
nicknames Jesus, Jehovah, Jah, Allah
sometimes referred to as Buddha
maneuver through star cluster
as the cosmic ruler
99 sayings contained in my name
a reflection of you
the same as your physical frame
predominant psychologists tried to disprove my presence
in essence they manipulate thought traits
suggesting its deniable faiths were lost in
when you hear your thoughts talkin’
its me walkin’ through your subconscious
I am you, you are me
an extension of your belief
the very piece you need
to breathe and succeed
in the life you lead
indeed there’s war for your free will
when we fight temptations
and urges to kill
causing blood to spill
over things we instilled in ourselves
the sustainers of health, wealth and anything else
that allow creators to become devastators
morphing into sinful originators
take the knowledge I gave us
and use the word as elevators
to travel in your mental spaceship
to where the end of space is
and put a face with your denomination
ending all preoccupation of where your heart is
the one who guides you through hardship
as surroundings begin changing
I’m the one who you go the length with
patience is virtue of movin’ through Hell untainted
gaining the key to unlock the matrix
when you’re faced with challenges of anguish
hatred and misinterpretation
seek salvation through meditation
celebrate revelations of men
who’s intent was to have their life spent
sent with a message of divine intentions
and if you’re ever tested do not seek vengeance
use the lessons and script it
through the talent you were given
if they listen they will see I through the worded image
mission completed the word is seeded
deep within the minds of heathens
because there was a time
you didn’t believe in teachings
but you’ve utilized them wisely
remember this goes beyond me, I, we
in timely fashion actions speak louder than words
in turn be prepared to back the tongue you speak with
carefully choose who you lead with
and when needed seek me to find peace in
to each his own who’s condoned
the keeper of his soul
I exist deep within your bones
I shed light when we need hope
the teacher and master of all spiritual factions
inside all people of different races, creeds, ideas and passions
I’m everlasting and if you ever need to see a fragment
of my benevolent figure
stand in front of a mirror
to make the vision clearer
that you are the bearer of me, G-O-D

Turn Off The Light 

Good morning Jesus
today I’m not sure I’m breathin’
as another scar deepens
closer to the deep end
love begins to cheapen
every time I meet it
I feel cheated
indeed its the reason I’m screamin’
I am what I am
perhaps its my cynical attachment
to the planet
and my inability to understand it
unable to explain
I awake spiritless
reflection on the world mirrors this
cloakin’ suspicious appearances
in hollowed out bibles
cuz that’s where God will never find you
tellin’ my soul to find a new home
telepathically walkin’ the galaxy
to find out what my life means exactly
shadows movin’ past me
death metal saints breakin’ plates of yellow cake
tellin’ me it’ll mellow brains
sippin’ rose pedal rain
trippin’ on how cold metal tastes
still tryin’ to shake my attempted suicide
I can’t get it off my mind
one click away from my halo
love all colors of the rainbow
red sickles so the devil doesn’t get you
green clovers to stay sober
blue skies open up for the takeover
yellow cake to build you
remember God loves ugly
otherwise he would’ve killed you

What should I do?
Wait for the uprise?
pop pills and waste in the sunrise?
war, famine, God, drugs
last one to die turn off his light

Bully Rappers 

They say Karniege is ill
spittin’ arsenic pills
runnin’ through carcasses with carnivorous ills
that makes Short Fuze the bottom feeder
spittin’ the illest verse on track
since Nas ripped Ether
expect no response time
like when the God ripped Ether
knockin’ the meat rack off the meter
in Air Max sneakers
with uncommon color combination’s
that cause you seizure
like Ted Kennedy givin’ Travolta’s son
a drunken breather
cynical verses strike down Godless preachers
like rocket speakers
make sure the palms stay smoked
walkin’ a fine line like Beyonce coke
takin’ a blind side
like in the nine nine
when my minds shine
took a fine shine
to a nine’s confined sign
forcing me to hop a tauntaun
to find God with inside eyesight
that after a 100 years of rap
my minds grind will see my rhymes grime
as the aggressor on the time line
with insight that my designed plight
is set to burst the grammatical pipeline
with 20/20 hindsight I might
pen vernacular Godzilla
to incite fear
in wannabe killers and drug dealers
leavin’ em posers like Scarface action figures
as the Uncommon pillar
movin’ past y'all
any doubt I rap raw
ask God I start penning this curse
on the back of a fuckin’ tax form

Beautiful Anger 

Hello beautiful stranger
would you like a touch of my beautiful anger?
and wait for the world to us under?
talk to me maybe we can save each other 

Excuse me sir
do you have a feeling I can borrow?
please rid me of my sorrow
take a look at the confusion inside my cup
and realize I’m a little out of touch
I’m 30 or 31
and for ten years
I’ve chased a rap star and love
can you tell me which one is more fucked?
want to hear something bugged?
three years ago I found out I had a daughter
don’t get me wrong I love her to death
and I would give my very last breath
to make sure she knows nothing but success
there are sleepless nights
when I’m worried about doing something
to fuck up her life
from where you stand you could never tell
no one was there to teach me how to be a man
or a father for that matter
never been one to look at the math after
until mistakes I’ve made come into factor
it all changes in the blink of an eye
when you get that sinking feeling inside
when you have no one to go to
to coach you and mold you
in retrospect selling drugs
didn’t make me feel too mannish
pitchin’ on the block like Greg Maddux
to party kids and addicts
cash stackin’ semi automatics and macs
in the back of four runners and Cadillacs
then expect God to look past my soul
like I had cataracts
took the mic as my battle axe
when friends started to catch death
from bullets and overdoses
not to sound precocious
but I didn’t know what the definition
of what a ghost is
till I caught the feeling of hopeless
cuz even the Devil notices the unnoticed
and when the answers are unfolded
and you’re forced to pick up your focus
and hold it with an heir of invincibility
until you relearn the meaning of humility
when you’re told by someone you love
your dream is a silly means to an end
that came too early
and you wonder why
I put my hand out
and wait for the world to burn me