Drowning In My Own Skin

Born three months premature 
Cerebral palsy, no cure, blood impure 
hated mirrors, afraid of my own glare 
owned the fear, because of that 
I walked with a thousand yard stare 
it’s hard to share the pain 
where to place the…

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The Numbers Game

Two alcoholic fathers 
Haven’t spoken to Mom in 5 or 6 years 
should have wrote this off 5 or 6 beers 
the truth is, 
this came after 5 or 6 tears 
rebuilt self 
after struggling with mental health 
finally displayed…

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Hell's Moshpit

Salute DOOM, hot spoons 
smooth over beef rap 
like yo son, we don’t need that 
arthritis in the knee caps, my speech snaps 
Rudy Ray Moore blaxploitation 
my pen bleeds big boy hatred 
Channel 66, the inspiration 
don’t you dare…

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Love Letters To The Lost

Once fell in love with someone 
who put junk in their veins 
blood paints art through the jugular pain 
my brain sprung from the childish game 
when our lips once touched 
while she was on that succulent plane 
pumped with…

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Comfort Food

Blood stained clothes of the tragic 
hit the laundry basket 
maneuvered with shooters 
was too scared to get blasted 
so I kept the blunts lit 
with zippos and match sticks 
a rose in concrete, penning classics 
product of my environment …

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No Home

Sun colored Jordan’s 
soak in the calamity it’s gorgeous 
ripping wax, pass the torches 
been rhyming since Nas 
snuck an Uzi on the island and Wu Tang 
was signing five percenter science 
formed an alliance with gazelles 
sitting amongst the…

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This Is For My Brother

Don’t let those demons shame you 
I hope that hope hope can save you 
fuck that god we used to pray to 
he left the world to slay you 
I know the pain it changed you 
It fucking changed me…

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Graduation Day

Once bought a tec with a body on it 
it took a life, I put a profit on it 
soldier of crooks and books 
threw some knowledge on it 
penning street topics 
graduated to drum loops and polyphonics 
pen and…

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The Chronic (Pain)

Drawn from a broken stencil 
my end view is in the rear view 
endeared through as a stolen rental 
focused mental pushes my physical mettle 
dreams of bio mechanical metal 
fed through my exoskeleton 
tattoos scribed on my skin 

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Soul Circus

Came home with 150 in my pocket 
starting over, heartbroken and jobless 
fighting depression and logic 
surviving in hell’s mosh pit 
clean slate locked in, clock tick tockin 
pain was coming of age 
while my demons played 
in the blood…

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My cat reached out to touch me 
feeling punchy, loops dusty 
suckers always talking about moves 
I’m trying to get rich in my house shoes 
life exposed over down grooves 
concrete jungles are renowned news 
it’s too late for you …

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Han Solo Fur Coats

Chewbacca Chief Rocka 
Han Solo fur coats 
God body wisdom windmills 
my odd body churns smoke 
bloodline is Mexican birthed dope 
sun signs burns scope 
hope hangs on by a thin rope 
my skin is cream sin soaked 
cash rules…

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