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Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa Release Mr. Robot Themed Song, Generosity 

Generosity is inspired by Uncommon Nasa and Short Fuze's love of the Mr. Robot television series and what the show represents in it's message and it's art. This song isn't a play by play of any of the seasons of the show or what happens on them, but it's an attempt to get into the mind of people like Elliot, Darlene, Angela or the other characters. 

What if Elliot was a rapper/poet with something to say about how he found the world? This is that. The goal was to create a song that stands alone whether you've seen the show or not, while also paying some tribute to it. 

Season 3 ended on Wednesday, Net Neutrality ended on Thursday. and now this on Friday.  Enjoy it, while you can. 

A "Pay What You Want" Download with the Instrumental version is available at Bandcamp, it also streams on Youtube and Soundcloud

Short Fuze Unveils Tales From My Rap Life 

Short Fuze has unveiled a content feature on the site called, Tales From My Rap Life. It will be updated with stories from Short Fuze's career, ranging from stories from the road, recording and behind the scenes stuff giving insight on the recording process. You can read the first story called, That Time I Almost Died (Kind Of) At Yule Prog 2. Read here, enjoy!

Uncommon Nasa Releases Video For Gingerbread Hag 

Recently, Uncommon Nasa and Man Bites Dog Records dropped the video for Gingerbread Hag. Here is a description and quote from Nasa himself: 

Every song starts with an idea in someones head, some take longer than others to come to fruition. Gingerbread Hag is one of those songs. Somehow Uncommon Nasa's brain came up with an idea to make a rap song that was an inverse telling of the fable, Hansel & Gretel, told from the point of view of the old woman in the gingerbread house. When Nasa's critically acclaimed record, Written At Night, was being formulated it was finally time for the Gingerbread Hag to reveal herself to the world. Showing her face proudly during the thematic album's nightmare sequence was highly intentional. There were no better choices to share this exploration of the selfishness and privledge of children than Brzowksi on vocals and C-Money Burns on some chilling guitar licks. There was also no better place to shoot the visual representation of this idea then their wide open space of Portland, Maine. With that, hardened New Yorkers, Uncommon Nasa and director Mike Petrow piled into a car for the 5 hour trip North.

"What you are viewing is the result of an idea formed outside of the box and molded into a piece of art that hopefully sparks some thought and imagination. "-  Uncommon Nasa

You can cop the vinyl from Nasa's newly renovated site here

Short Fuze Featured On Uncommon Nasa's "Written At Night" 

Uncommon Nasa dropped the long awaited follow up to Halfway on Friday, August 4th.

Written At Night features heavy hitters like Open Mike Eagle, Guilty Simpson, Oh No, The Last Sons, billy woods, Quelle Chris and more.

The album is produced entirely produced by Uncommon Nasa and is available on Man Bites Dog Records.

In addition to the heavy hitters mentioned above, Short Fuze along with Bronze Nazareth is featured on the track, Gods Aim.

You can listen to the song here 

In addition to the stream, you can purchase the album on vinyl, digital download and cassette. Click the album cover below to purchase and listen.


Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Passed Away  

Earlier this week, Prodigy of Mobb Deep passed away at the age of 40. Those of you that know me, know that Mobb Deep, specifically Prodigy was a huge influence on my style. He was one of the best story tellers in hip hop hands down. I wrote a tribute to him a few days ago. Here it is in it's entirety: 

Sitting here bumping Mobb Deep genuinely upset that Prodigy is gone. I never had a chance to meet him. But he was such an influence on my style. He was so vivid with his words and the way he painted pictures. I remember sitting in my room in '95 and '96 just soaking in The Infamous and Hell On Earth. Prodigy's words just complimented Havoc's beats perfectly and later on, the Alchemist's beats. I've had many influences on flows, song structure, album sound, etc...  

But, Prodigy was definitely a main influence for me. As hip hop evolves and rap evolves the thing that will never change is a great story. Prodigy was definitely up there with the best of the story tellers. R.I.P. Thank you for your contribution to our culture and making me a better MC in my early years. #TheInfamous

50% Off Sale 

Happy New Year Everyone! I appreciate the support last year. It was the most successful year I've had musically.

To say thank you, I am making most everything 50% off on the site.

The Autonomy Music vinyl is $10.00.

All Wastelands downloads are $3.50 and all CD's are $5.00.

If you haven't done so yet, purchase the vinyl, or my back catalog to catch yourself up.

Thank you for your continued support! There's more music coming soon!


Multiple Sites Name Autonomy Music To Their Year End Lists For 2016 

Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa's Autonomy Music was named to a few year end lists for 2016.

Watchloud named the album on its Long Live The Squad: The Best Group Albums Of 2016.

Elmattic named the album in his Underground Kings Of 2016 section for his the year in litness :: mmxvi.

A Reddit user named Mikeest named the duo to his 50 Great, But Not Extremely Talked About Projects From 2016.

We got great feedback from listeners and peers about the record. I want to thank everyone for their continued support. There is more on the horizon. If you haven't yet, check the video for Time And Space Here.

Thanks again, and keep Autonomy in rotation! You can cop the vinyl from the Store if you want to know what the hype is about!

Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa Shoot A Video For Time And Space 

Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa Recorded a Video for Time and Space, from their new LP, Autonomy Music

The video was directed by Mike Petrow and shot in Harlem, NYC. 

It's set to be a unique video with a distinct look and concept. 

Expect it to come along before Summer's complete. 

The video co-stars Short Fuze and our friend Nick Baker, performing a 2 man drama that we won't reveal the details of yet, but it will be released when Uncommon Nasa is back from his Halfway Tour.