Short Fuze has released a gripping look into his every day life living with cerebral palsy. The self shot and directed video follows Fuze through the tedium of his work from home lifestyle where every movement comes with some level of thought and preparation. It’s a bold, brave and original look behind the curtain of Short Fuze’s The Chronic (Pain). Edited beautifully by Samurai Banana, it is now streaming on the Uncommon Records Youtube channel.

Short Fuze's New Album, The Painkiller Boutique Is Out Now On Uncommon Records 


Short Fuze’s debut solo album is now available worldwide, today on 10/14. Stream it on Spotify, Apple or any other streaming service. The Painkiller Boutique is also available on CD via Bandcamp and our Uncommon Shop. The album features production from Dr. Khil along with Uncommon Nasa, Messiah Musik and Bloodmoney Perez. We also get two appearances from Uncommon Nasa on the mic, along with Defcee and Collasoul Structure of Jyroscope. 

The CD itself comes in a 3 panel gatefold digipak package with a 2 panel collage inside along with the full credits and more original artwork. 

On Bandcamp, Short Fuze is making the digital download of his album “Pay What You Want”. The digital DL starts as a free download with the ability to pay more. Click the image below to purchase.


Uncommon Records has released the first single from Short Fuze’s upcoming LP, The Painkiller Boutique today. Me and My Demons is produced by Dr. Khil and is the first single from an album that is primarily produced by Khil along with some additional production from Uncommon Nasa, Bloodmoney Perez and Messiah Musik. Fellow Chicago emcees Defcee and Collosoul Structure (of Jyroscope), as well as Uncommon Nasa, join the record for cameos. 

Be sure to listen and follow Short Fuze on Spotify in order to be alerted of the next single and the album drop in October. Pre-Orders for the CD and Digital release will be along soon.


We are finally here! Guillotine Crowns’ dynamic debut, Hills to Die On, has arrived. Short Fuze and Uncommon Nasa move officially into an era of collaboration as a group/duo. As with their previous work together, Nasa will be providing all of the production, but this time fully participates on the mic as well. Over time Nasa and Fuze were able to build thematic songs over aggressive and innovative production, ranging from inventive boasting to weighted activism. The only thing traditional about this album is that we feel it’s best you hear it AS AN ALBUM. It lays out an evolving pace, ending in a statement baring crescendo. 

They aren’t alone, joined by Chicago’s Jyroscope and SKECH185 as well as Uncommon vets, Tracy Jones, Duke01, Digdug (co-produced a track) and our recently passed and always remembered friend, Gajah. 

The album is available now on all digital streaming services as well as on Bandcamp. We are currently shipping CDs (on both Bandcamp and our Webshop) and taking pre-orders for limited edition Red Splatter vinyl (which will ship in the Fall while they last). 

Don’t forget to follow Guillotine Crowns on Spotify and Instagram and help spread the word. Without you, there is no us. Click the image to purchase.


Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa are Guillotine Crowns and today they released a new single called, Art Dealers. It's in advance of their album, Hills To Die On. The album will be released on Vinyl, CD, digital, plus assorted bundles. The album can be preordered on the Uncommon Records Bandcamp (here). When you preorder the album, you'll get Rebel Crowns & Art Dealers right away. Both songs are also available on Guillotine Crowns Spotify page, so make sure to follow them there as well.

Short Fuze Appears On Uncommon Nasa's New EP, Oculus  

Uncommon Nasa & Messiah Musik are back with a new EP called, Oculus. It's a follow up to the critically acclaimed album, also produced by Messiah Musik, Only Child. The EP includes five brand new songs and the instrumentals. The EP includes cameos from Short Fuze and Pastense. You can get the EP on cassette and digital at the Uncommon Records bandcamp by clicking the image below. Oculus is also available on all DSP's including Spotify and Apple Music.




The first Guillotine Crowns single is here! Uncommon Nasa and Short Fuze's new duo, Guillotine Crowns delivers Rebel Crowns. The duo is fully produced by Uncommon Nasa and features both on the mic on their upcoming Hills to Die On LP. 

This being their first single, we want everyone reading this to follow their Spotify page so that you can stay up to date on upcoming singles and the album. You can also DL the single for FREE at our Bandcamp, and pay what you want to DL and stream on the Bandcamp app. The single is available at all streaming services, add it to your playlists.

Masai Bey's Classic, Paper Mache Is Uncommon Restoration's Second 45 RPM 7" Release 


Today we are announcing that the second release from Uncommon Restoration is Masai Bey’s classic hidden gem, Paper Mache. Originally released by Definitive Jux, the new 45RPM 7” features EL-P production on both the A & B side. The Beginning, recorded with BMS and Vast Aire, is also featured on this 45. The vinyl is now available for pre-order at both our online shop and at our bandcamp and will be officially released on June 18th. 

The full single (in 20th Anniversary form) will be available digitally for the first time from Uncommon Records on June 18th as well. This single includes the instrumentals to both tracks above, a Masai Bey produced track called Non-Stop and a Live version of Non-Stop from S.O.B.s in 2002. It has been re-mastered for it’s digital release. The digital dl of this can also be pre-ordered at our  bandcamp.

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