Wonder Years

What’s wrong with that man Daddy?
I don’t know, keep staring
he’s a freak show
legs sponsored by Calico
police peek through the peep hole
and see the tears of Calixto
huddled over Nico
blood fresh off the needle
witnessing the last time
the rush fuckin’ pleased you
fold your hands son
here comes the church
and the steeple
then the people who tried to piece you
and your mind as feeble
holding onto drugs
as the reason God won’t keep you
my soul became see through
flash my confined mind to the 1-9-9-9
at that time when I took a blind sign
to a nines shine
seconds away from resting my sublime mind
on a Pink Floydian wall
outsiders think Freudian thoughts
appropriate laws lay under fears
to get me through the wonder years

From After Years Of Television

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