Turn Off The Light

Good morning Jesus
today I’m not sure I’m breathin’
as another scar deepens
closer to the deep end
love begins to cheapen
every time I meet it
I feel cheated
indeed its the reason I’m screamin’
I am what I am
perhaps its my cynical attachment
to the planet
and my inability to understand it
unable to explain
I awake spiritless
reflection on the world mirrors this
cloakin’ suspicious appearances
in hollowed out bibles
cuz that’s where God will never find you
tellin’ my soul to find a new home
telepathically walkin’ the galaxy
to find out what my life means exactly
shadows movin’ past me
death metal saints breakin’ plates of yellow cake
tellin’ me it’ll mellow brains
sippin’ rose pedal rain
trippin’ on how cold metal tastes
still tryin’ to shake my attempted suicide
I can’t get it off my mind
one click away from my halo
love all colors of the rainbow
red sickles so the devil doesn’t get you
green clovers to stay sober
blue skies open up for the takeover
yellow cake to build you
remember God loves ugly
otherwise he would’ve killed you

What should I do?
Wait for the uprise?
pop pills and waste in the sunrise?
war, famine, God, drugs
last one to die turn off his light

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