Blood and tears the familiar libation
Gemini’s twin sky pacin’ bloodlines sacred
half jazz musician, quarter addict and beautician
walkin’ with the skewed vision of the people
in case you missed it
you asked for my past
well I’m that fragmented piece of glass
screamin’ when oppression shattered my American dream
it’s not hopeless til the masses take notice
and the country bestows it
imagine me unfocused
a place you don’t want to be
like a child abductor claiming to be your ex lover mother fucker
puncture the skull structure of Usher Raymond
with angered patrons who like gats and spiked bats
painted a picture so perverse
Chili named it after the hand of God engraved it
terrorists laughing in the face immigration
taking retribution for Iraqi oil spilled faces
now my thoughts have no factual basis
cuz my brain is complacent
in the playstation generation
take heed to my social commentary declaration

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