Time And Space

Shut my eyes and pace the dark alone
hold hands with my soul and float into the unknown
the lights so bright I reflect incite
invite the pinnacle to receive answers from God
but is the love reciprocal?
cynical creation brought forth to finish you
human ingenuity foolishly expects gain
after that pain
disdain or ordain?
angel harps strain songs of forgiveness
even if sin is sickness
peaches pitted against apple core folklore
open up Adams to fathom the connection to the eve of destruction
bludgeoned the hearts of men
on a partisan basis
over time and faces
speak an elevated language
placed in calendars parameters
using the circumference of circumstance
to measure heavens diameter
broken back Atlas
words of wisdom cleanse the pallet
the challenge balance faith with religion
burst the scientific system 

Breath stop watch
where will you be when opportunity knocks
reaching for the teachings of God
when the hand that feeds is bitten off
I wish this feeling would last forever
sever ties with reality
to converse with the galaxy
to believe what God asks of me
end my life now to see what comes after me
is suicide blasphemy?
or a shortcut to heavens gate?
the question marks yanked
disguise my lies between time and space
step to the creator
he hides his face
my mind draws a blank
a few more lines to finish the picture
enlightenment hung on a unreachable fixture scripture
spinner of my own web
imprisoned in my own flesh
slide the cannibal ox across the cold vein
thoughts travel to different domains
blow angst on the drugs of Coltrane
where hope reigns,
show pain
soul stays
hope fades
show faith
finding peace at a mindless pace
between time and space

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