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Addicted To The Horn 

4 years under the radar
reborn in the graveyard
back from the dead with blazed bars
watched from a distance, amassing a hit list
bloggers play God, get called out
bang hard just to get a rep Gangstarr
turn around blame the same God's they held in such high esteem
walk the same conscience stream as me
then talk about the world crumbling beneath your feet
Bboy ill joyful kill spit devoid pills
one last high off the paranoid thrill 
poison pen, boys to men living sinful 
semi autos and pistols
weed smoke blowing out the window
taking in lessons from gin soaked kin folk
watching them turn to zombies
as their veins kissed dope
strength is a thin rope either fight or get ghost

Spent years pouring my life into these pages
chasing the ghosts of greatness
winds of change shape shift complacent
struggled to fight the demons I was faced with tainted
disappeared for a year to pen my magnum opus
instead lost focus
crushed by the weight of the hopeless
hopin' the love of my life took notice
choking on the mask I was cloaked in
emotion postponed inner growth of the showman
loaded weapons brought to the pulpit
speak corrosion going through the motions
at most It's the pressure of life encoded
ripping family pictures and smoked it
miss holding my daughter I'm folded in self loathing
mistakes I'm froze in
looking to God posted holding
got it sewn in, close it


Self Distortion 

Self distortion headless horsemen
been a solitude fortress since Gorgeous
leaving Angels chord less
bearing torches
of course it's come down to me and God
and how much I've missed you
father you should've known I've got commitment issues
love my women broke with issues
groping pistols
ripping bone and tissue
up against a broken system
hell is a ferocious prison
filled with explosive miscues
designed to clip you
didn't mean to diss you
been dealing with my own misguided issues
dodging bullets aimed to hit you
me and death been finding ways to split you
but the heavens told me to reenlist you
cutting my soul down to the meaty gristle
came to NY speaking missiles
finding words that fit you
I'm sorry if I took your hand and bit you
I'm still with you
look in the mirror
afraid to kiss you

Time And Space 

Shut my eyes and pace the dark alone
hold hands with my soul and float into the unknown
the lights so bright I reflect incite
invite the pinnacle to receive answers from God
but is the love reciprocal?
cynical creation brought forth to finish you
human ingenuity foolishly expects gain
after that pain
disdain or ordain?
angel harps strain songs of forgiveness
even if sin is sickness
peaches pitted against apple core folklore
open up Adams to fathom the connection to the eve of destruction
bludgeoned the hearts of men
on a partisan basis
over time and faces
speak an elevated language
placed in calendars parameters
using the circumference of circumstance
to measure heavens diameter
broken back Atlas
words of wisdom cleanse the pallet
the challenge balance faith with religion
burst the scientific system 

Breath stop watch
where will you be when opportunity knocks
reaching for the teachings of God
when the hand that feeds is bitten off
I wish this feeling would last forever
sever ties with reality
to converse with the galaxy
to believe what God asks of me
end my life now to see what comes after me
is suicide blasphemy?
or a shortcut to heavens gate?
the question marks yanked
disguise my lies between time and space
step to the creator
he hides his face
my mind draws a blank
a few more lines to finish the picture
enlightenment hung on a unreachable fixture scripture
spinner of my own web
imprisoned in my own flesh
slide the cannibal ox across the cold vein
thoughts travel to different domains
blow angst on the drugs of Coltrane
where hope reigns,
show pain
soul stays
hope fades
show faith
finding peace at a mindless pace
between time and space

The Darkest Place I've Ever Been 

Where does it begin?
when does it end?
ever wonder how your dream tastes?
looking to death as a release date
no choice but to take it name by name
face by face and day by day
my tattoos are martyr scars
some look at my deficiencies as modern art
mind and soul ripped apart
pain hit the mark
searching for a quick way out
prepping for the final bout
wondering if my life is worth any amount
gun to the mouth
broken hearted in the darkness
joining the friendships of the dearly departed
from the depths of a closet
overcoming the logic
that I took God’s name and mocked it
inside my minds mosh pit
death grip locked in
time clocked sin
I blocked him
opting to lay with his angels
blood of the slain as my halo
looking at my life from a blurred angle
tears run down my face
wondering if I’m coward enough to leave this place
at such a violent pace
the Devils smiling face fills me with hate
taking control of a battered soul
follow the money down the rabbit hole
then tell me how you feel when you get there
disconnected guided to feel to fear
see my next vision real clear
load the clip
cock the hammer
only to find the answer was within
the darkest place I’ve ever been

Beggars Buffet  

Today I awoke stretched and strained
a touch more insane
paranoid like who's to blame?
this is the day people's lives change
grab a tray and sit back at the beggars buffet
listen to what these thoughts contain
served on plates
carved from pain
seasoned by depression
doesn't it taste like you expected?
selected from the finest
spiteful delightful psycho writings I recite through the mic with
suffering nothing like it
happiness struggling to find it
whoever bares this likeness
help battle my identity crisis
generated excitement through gang handshakes
but died in private
like these are the people I'm supposed to survive with?
cried in silence
remembering the nights when I'd vomit violently
after catching ex fiancées cheating awkwardly
looking for a higher power to somber me
and still more rage
was all they had to offer me
Sin learn binge purge
get burned in turn
I question why my minds gone away today

As the earth kept spinning
the circumference of my world became more rigid
karma became contingent
raw thoughts became cryptic
allowing me to excuse what being a kid is
the first time I got made fun of for the way I walk
broke the law
hit a bong
got into a brawl
saw a body outlined in chalk
went to a funeral and felt loss
the first time fuck God came from my jaw
and I became lost
realizing I needed to make peace
using writing as a release
making my life what is or isn't
the first time I figured out love wasn't wicked
held hands with a girl 
and started kissing in the park
the first time my dick got hard
virginity gone in the dark
the first time we grew apart
leaving me emotionally scarred
All these realities contributed to my individuality
I began to speak candidly about the world misunderstanding me
don't let the fat of the land engorge you
it's our differences that allow people to explore you
getting torched is a no brainer
the first time I took anger into a battle and ripped an MC
fate tempted me to take a dead mans energy
and put it into what I write
allowing him to finish living his life
the first time me and Augury learned hip hop was our passion
cultivating that talent into a record
feeling the pressure
we learned it was a difficult task
testing our love for rap
Denku came to the studio
and recorded America the beautiful
the first time I felt confidence in myself
Seasons Change hit the shelf 
Rules Off Evolution hit the brain 
we hit the stage
people screaming Wastelands
the first time I felt like a man
the second time I put a ring on my girls hand
our love meant something again
pledged we'd be together forever
the second time she severed our ties
the first time I looked into Destiny's eyes
and got reminded why I'll survive
this is the first time I feel alive

Perfect Health 

Mind is a subconscious riot
soulless a kamikaze pilot
came up spitting underneath my eyelids
learned real quick what pick a side is
seen with hatred
Folks or People Nation
greed with graces
'86 came and went
a wreckless kid
6th grade viewed bitch made
for the way that I walk
switch blade killed all the talk
16 bricks built the wall
willed the law to represent it
descendant of jazz musicians and graffiti writers
fuck rap briefly seen working as mister weed merchant
emerging from white lines as I write rhymes
kept a clean burner
questioned my G merger
when I came close to see murder
police raids and schemes raised
hollowed out baseball bats 
to hide the stash
notebooks to hide the raps
getting money where my mind was at


Hooray for the clueless
throw your guns up and do something foolish
bullet casings to show you where the doom is
not enough bodies on my movement
commissioned NY to do this
my city didn't think I could prove it
Psychodrama on my side
a young buck viewed as a nuisance
tighten up the nooses
choking out the loose ends
fame is diluted
mechanical stale mate
beef with label mates
sucker MC's eating off my dinner plate
conversation for sinners sake
let me reiterate
I will obliterate, incinerate, any physical matter state
Baserker Fury heavens gate
watch the razor blades slash your face
violence I've seen replenished death
where I'm from you gotta know your lit
or feel the burn inside your chest
rest from the loop I was stuck in
Nasa percussion carries the weight of the universe
each word, a mass of andromeda
barrel heads rocking with Uncommoners
don't make records to profit up
mother fuck the populus
I'm here to reassert my dominance
and resurrect like Common Sense


Harbor Angels who sing songs of chaos
flashback to Jordan in the playoffs
waiting for the payoff
oz's in paint cans
waring with men who trade grams
opposite the blade hand
knowledge is to polish this Uncommon metropolis
inside the mind of an ominous optimist
guns and politics
moving into autumn bliss
hard and argues
defining who the target is
building where the market is
looking for the martyr kiss
hoping God will pardon this
souls to barter with
the measurement for my myth of fingerprint sickness
this is the point where the verses
take a turn for the worsest
all because some Pychodrama
taught me to live 9mm above your surface
I dear you, try to burn this