They Can't Kill Us All

I’m just pieces of a broken man 
from a broken system and broken land 
smoking aces, fired from a potent hand 
quoted love songs from an open land 
fighting what this world has come to 
lightning striking quick because fate 
it wants to love you from its bubble 
saving me from drowning and going under 
frozen winters turned to focused summers 
hopeless visions cloaked in hope is 
peeling back emotions through hosted muses 
smelling roses, my mind is lighting fuses igniting fighting music 
auto pilot driving lucid to my life’s conclusion 
thankful for feeling movement 
forgiving God for being mostly ruthless 
besides my daughter and a few others 
it’s mostly putrid 
stolen moments laying in my death bed fearless 
with the reaper as my kindred spirit 
no matter what stand tall 
because they can’t kill us all