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God Save Us From The Devil  

God body in the human spirit 
altercations and penning lyrics made you fearless 
pain and anger love to be your muse 
bullet riddled bodies still in view 
frustration and hatred in the queue, let it stew 
your city’s dying, what to do? 
gold plated dreams and dirty faith 
dapping up friends with empty face 
kids disappear without a trace 
I’m supposed to wait for the Bible quote to save the day, let us pray what a waste 
drowning in the chase screaming into space leaning into taste 
heathens in their place, demons in my face 
Jesus on the case 
easing on the weight rolling off my back 
holding on the mask, exposing all the mass 
trolling off the tracks, floating through the cracks 
frozen all the rats, posing in the traps 
closed in heart attacks, popping off the gats 
holding off the threats, walking on the net 
closing off my breath 
oppression architects cashing all the checks 
the devils silhouette 
please release the rest 
therein lies the fucking disconnect