The Product

Ignorance makes me want to leave Twitter 
shutdown the whole system 
and let the rhythm hit ‘em 
surrounded by absurd turns 
the world burns in the viral surge 
some white kid threads the needle 
with N words claiming that he’s equal 
connections with people is illusion 
cruising the echo chamber for bangers 
dodging anger from wannabe stars 
falling in love with avatars 
experience marred from false hope 
cerebral dope, non matching GOATS 
and cut throat facts, sit back, 
to watch people react 
to hot trash takes from newscasts 
like the world is full of iconoclasts 
bask in my lineage of underground rap 
digital dap and thirst traps 
grab the burner 
Guillotines crashed the server 
shoutout to Dart Adams and Hex Murda