The Darkest Place I've Ever Been

Where does it begin?
when does it end?
ever wonder how your dream tastes?
looking to death as a release date
no choice but to take it name by name
face by face and day by day
my tattoos are martyr scars
some look at my deficiencies as modern art
mind and soul ripped apart
pain hit the mark
searching for a quick way out
prepping for the final bout
wondering if my life is worth any amount
gun to the mouth
broken hearted in the darkness
joining the friendships of the dearly departed
from the depths of a closet
overcoming the logic
that I took God’s name and mocked it
inside my minds mosh pit
death grip locked in
time clocked sin
I blocked him
opting to lay with his angels
blood of the slain as my halo
looking at my life from a blurred angle
tears run down my face
wondering if I’m coward enough to leave this place
at such a violent pace
the Devils smiling face fills me with hate
taking control of a battered soul
follow the money down the rabbit hole
then tell me how you feel when you get there
disconnected guided to feel to fear
see my next vision real clear
load the clip
cock the hammer
only to find the answer was within
the darkest place I’ve ever been

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