Skeleton Key

Soul unrested my minds infested
with other peoples questions
I’ve never taken the time
to relieve my own tension
open up my thoughts and find
where the scars are impressed in
how does it make you feel
you don’t know the reasons
for your best friends lessons?
where there’s pain you find the connection
what about that little girl
you tried to give the world?
hope you didn’t mess up her vision of life
by putting your heart where she isn’t
regret getting her name
tatted on your wrist yet?
it’s being a father figure from a distance
it’s unfortunate you can’t live through intention
happy birthday baby, maybe one day
you’ll understand what you been through
when you feel sadness
that’s the Devil trying to get you
remember I’m always with you
til then I’m an empty seed
left with my heart for a skeleton key

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