Self Distortion

Self distortion headless horsemen
been a solitude fortress since Gorgeous
leaving Angels chord less
bearing torches
of course it's come down to me and God
and how much I've missed you
father you should've known I've got commitment issues
love my women broke with issues
groping pistols
ripping bone and tissue
up against a broken system
hell is a ferocious prison
filled with explosive miscues
designed to clip you
didn't mean to diss you
been dealing with my own misguided issues
dodging bullets aimed to hit you
me and death been finding ways to split you
but the heavens told me to reenlist you
cutting my soul down to the meaty gristle
came to NY speaking missiles
finding words that fit you
I'm sorry if I took your hand and bit you
I'm still with you
look in the mirror
afraid to kiss you

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