Scope Of The Guillotine

I only rocked Blackhawk jerseys for the trash talk 
brash walk, machetes and hack saws 
I never gave a fuck about Stanley Cups 
duck bullets that blew death kisses 
breath hinges on hisses, then misses 
shape shiftin’, change pitches 
blades kill some 
while others inhale gun smoke 
in Deadpool’s like Wade Wilson 
Guillotine got its seeds 
from Company Flow & EPMD 
we are the lineage others pretend to be 
blood on the crown with the head 
as the center piece 
bars bang like a dusted car chase 
when Angel took a chainsaw 
to the head in Scarface 
linguistics are gangster scientific 
end your career in a New York minute 
going for the finish 
to be amongst the greatest ever listed 
from Chitown to SINY 
in the end I leave your neck severed 
screaming Wu Tang Forever 
injected with the blood of legends