Poison Makes Me Pretty

Welcome my world how to begin it?
limped into Nasa labs on a mission to quiet the cynics
overhaulin’ my life from a distance
civilence mic check one, two
couldn’t walk in God’s shoes even if I want to
its not that I don’t love you
its just I got another place to run to
giving pain the old run through
ask yourself this
what if your heart pumped you
full of women’s indignants
or watching your best friend
get overcome by addiction
then not giving the message of his sickness
then witness his younger sister
get imprisoned by promises of wedding kisses
mixing love for good dickin’
then herself turn to syringes
while the world says good riddance
no rest for the wicked
ever since I made the decision
to wrap my five digits around a pistol
made my final wishes cursed a couple bitches
squeezed the trigger
awoke alive as the voice of the underprivileged
ever since a Cannibal Ox told me to scream Phoenix
surrounded by pigeons fighting for crumbs and inches
protected by God’s vision
the peoples fist has arisen

Today pain placed a number on the age of innocence
I died a little inside when hardcore went impotent
bags under my eyes indifferent to images
of my grandmother injecting insulin
or havin’ to find my friend overdosed on heroin
for the sake of keepin’ this conversation spirited
why was life so hard
when I had to pull the needle from his arm?
wanted time to restart
when I had to call his wife
to tell her life changed
all because he found that vein
too selfish and vain to explain to his kids
he had no will to live
it’s shit like this that makes me want to reattempt
to put a bullet between my lips and french kiss death
what do I got to miss?
heaven won’t even tell me she loves me
the greatest love to never happen
heart broken in fragments
dead with passion my reaction
why won’t the hand of God touch me?
why does the devil try and fuck me?
I guess I’m what happened to ugly

Spirits of dead friends walk in the rain
soul rage paints with blood of the slain
8 blunts of flame straight to the brain
bounce in and out of sane
tryin’ to embrace 99 names
shaking the angst of deception
fallen friends, injections
time tested aggression
buried within the shadow of the half moon crescent
all I’m left with is the curse of God
oh God, I’ve cursed God
God damn it I hate this planet
and the fact I’ve taken my life for granted
while the rich allow the poor to to be stagnate
my spiritual conviction inches me closer
to believe love is wicked
hum du allah, pushed into the arms of a broken star
when the sun filled that void
while the dark side of moon left me destroyed
bring on the ‘noid heard a voice ask me
if I’m friends with God
or friends with Satan
It depends upon the situation
my dreams flip through pages of anguish
cleansed with wisdom of the ancient
chasing the life force that loves me
til then I ask what happen to ugly

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