Master Peace

The history of the world has long been disputed
my existence was proven when I spawned micro organisms
and eventually the first human
reactions of dust and gasses
began a circular movement
for the universes improvement
for centuries scientists where clueless
on the origin of the solar system they lived in
numerical wisdom positioned them to believe
there was a mathematical equation
for the billions of galaxies created
not realizin’ I’m the scientific explanation
behind the big bang
nicknames Jesus, Jehovah, Jah, Allah
sometimes referred to as Buddha
maneuver through star cluster
as the cosmic ruler
99 sayings contained in my name
a reflection of you
the same as your physical frame
predominant psychologists tried to disprove my presence
in essence they manipulate thought traits
suggesting its deniable faiths were lost in
when you hear your thoughts talkin’
its me walkin’ through your subconscious
I am you, you are me
an extension of your belief
the very piece you need
to breathe and succeed
in the life you lead
indeed there’s war for your free will
when we fight temptations
and urges to kill
causing blood to spill
over things we instilled in ourselves
the sustainers of health, wealth and anything else
that allow creators to become devastators
morphing into sinful originators
take the knowledge I gave us
and use the word as elevators
to travel in your mental spaceship
to where the end of space is
and put a face with your denomination
ending all preoccupation of where your heart is
the one who guides you through hardship
as surroundings begin changing
I’m the one who you go the length with
patience is virtue of movin’ through Hell untainted
gaining the key to unlock the matrix
when you’re faced with challenges of anguish
hatred and misinterpretation
seek salvation through meditation
celebrate revelations of men
who’s intent was to have their life spent
sent with a message of divine intentions
and if you’re ever tested do not seek vengeance
use the lessons and script it
through the talent you were given
if they listen they will see I through the worded image
mission completed the word is seeded
deep within the minds of heathens
because there was a time
you didn’t believe in teachings
but you’ve utilized them wisely
remember this goes beyond me, I, we
in timely fashion actions speak louder than words
in turn be prepared to back the tongue you speak with
carefully choose who you lead with
and when needed seek me to find peace in
to each his own who’s condoned
the keeper of his soul
I exist deep within your bones
I shed light when we need hope
the teacher and master of all spiritual factions
inside all people of different races, creeds, ideas and passions
I’m everlasting and if you ever need to see a fragment
of my benevolent figure
stand in front of a mirror
to make the vision clearer
that you are the bearer of me, G-O-D

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