Locust Myst

Oh my God I’m in fight for my life
struggling to see the light
I lift the last bit of rubble and bricks
to wake up to a sunless kiss
surrounded by the locust mist
face severely burned upper lip blistered
greeted by mother natures nuclear winter
accompanied by apocalypse her twin sister
feet splintered Jesus now I know how Christ felt
when the non believers dealt their hand to sinners
nailing his soul to wooden fixtures
which mirrors the reflection of a society
bent on self propriety
eyeing me a dead weight
not a contribution element
cursing my melanin I don’t ride the dick
of a mule or elephant
words once heaven sent become here say
like knowledgeable abdominal follicles
off the Devils topical
funny how Armageddon changes your perception
continue to move through the wreckage
looking for medics or where enforcement is
come to remains of an orphanage
dead children, burning buildings, gone are my feelings
it’s bad enough I’m dealing with the scenic
piles of dolls plastic and pissy mattress
oh shit a survivor maybe he knows what happen

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