Horseman Armor

I wear my scars as armor 
a product of bars and smoke parlors 
tattoos reflect sin of a martyr 
daily me and god bartered 
on whether or not 
I should fold or walk harder 
born under Carter, my era was made famous 
by the pain Reagan painted 
feeling shamed and caged in 
the streets were a haven 
moving through slums searching for crumbs 
a genetic dump my limp said 
I was too young to walk with shotgun pumps 
Mexican born, I held a crown of thorns 
feeling the scorn of not speaking Spanish 
I gravitated to hip hop and black kids 
they understood and made my pain vanish 
being included in the movement 
made me feel super human 
it gave me protection from having my weakness dissected 
words I projected became representation 
for the anger and anguish 
felt by my neighborhood nation 
wishing I could save them all 
with peace and salvation