Push the envelope 
swing the pendulum 
pens coated in adamantium 
weapon x survivor 
making my walk through hell fire 
all the more liver 
got god reclined in the clutch of Scott Steiner 
Guillotine Scream Phoenix 
my cannibal ox fiendish through all season’s 
sick of blood in the streets, it ain’t scenic 
shatter the glass ceiling, pick up the pieces 
slash the throats of my demons 
as a beacon of hope, slow to a slow coast 
admire the pictures I painted over the years 
facing my ears, fighting back tears 
siphoning fears into gasoline speeches 
to rattle these leeches 
kill your masters and embody new leaders 
watch their words burn into the ether 
mess with my family, you’re greeted with 
red dots, heat seekers and cleavers 
pumped with holes until your body seizures 
meet earth, buried in my hills to die on 
Ghostface killing it, face covered in nylon