Hooray for the clueless
throw your guns up and do something foolish
bullet casings to show you where the doom is
not enough bodies on my movement
commissioned NY to do this
my city didn't think I could prove it
Psychodrama on my side
a young buck viewed as a nuisance
tighten up the nooses
choking out the loose ends
fame is diluted
mechanical stale mate
beef with label mates
sucker MC's eating off my dinner plate
conversation for sinners sake
let me reiterate
I will obliterate, incinerate, any physical matter state
Baserker Fury heavens gate
watch the razor blades slash your face
violence I've seen replenished death
where I'm from you gotta know your lit
or feel the burn inside your chest
rest from the loop I was stuck in
Nasa percussion carries the weight of the universe
each word, a mass of andromeda
barrel heads rocking with Uncommoners
don't make records to profit up
mother fuck the populus
I'm here to reassert my dominance
and resurrect like Common Sense

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