Break Down The Walls

28 degrees wind chill below zero
put on the cape its time to play hero
God the grind is so sterile
looking to freeze time like Hiro
realizing my life runs on batteries
the battery of my MP3 player
summoning demon slayers with clarity
Razor Fund angels staring me towards the sun
saving me from the flash flood
the battery of my phone
is anyone out there?
I know I’m not alone
call me to let me know
I still have a soul
cut me off at the knees
a walking prayer ain’t no pun
Jesus, someone had to loosen the clip on that gun
2001 the year I found God
my God help me break down the walls
to help me find my lost cause
it's detrimental to the sequential events
that spawn cause and effect
and the effect it has on the thoughts in my head
once left for dead
remember that time I asked for a sign?
and said if you deliver me a healthy baby
music doesn’t have to pay me
well the first seven years were a monster
but the last two
I’ve got got to reconnect with my daughter
but my music career still falters
coincidence?, maybe from the distances the cynics sit
relationships on kindred shit
looking for Sleeping Beauty but I’m Milicent
brain pumping militant an icy view
in to the ICU
shook to shit when I found
my brother was due
in the shooters class at NIU
God I see you
your soul ain’t see through
from the clouds you peek through
how do you do? Mr. me too
forcing me to bleed through
they say the deepest cuts teach you
forcing the heavens to keep you they need you
tattoos are martyr scars
look Mom I can ride my bike with no handlebars
maybe that’s why my legs don’t work
I know we always haven’t been on the best terms
but I want you to know
your persistence and measure
helped me make the best turn
thank you for helping me find forever
I hope you still got your dream catcher
break down the walls

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