Beautiful Anger

Hello beautiful stranger
would you like a touch of my beautiful anger?
and wait for the world to us under?
talk to me maybe we can save each other 

Excuse me sir
do you have a feeling I can borrow?
please rid me of my sorrow
take a look at the confusion inside my cup
and realize I’m a little out of touch
I’m 30 or 31
and for ten years
I’ve chased a rap star and love
can you tell me which one is more fucked?
want to hear something bugged?
three years ago I found out I had a daughter
don’t get me wrong I love her to death
and I would give my very last breath
to make sure she knows nothing but success
there are sleepless nights
when I’m worried about doing something
to fuck up her life
from where you stand you could never tell
no one was there to teach me how to be a man
or a father for that matter
never been one to look at the math after
until mistakes I’ve made come into factor
it all changes in the blink of an eye
when you get that sinking feeling inside
when you have no one to go to
to coach you and mold you
in retrospect selling drugs
didn’t make me feel too mannish
pitchin’ on the block like Greg Maddux
to party kids and addicts
cash stackin’ semi automatics and macs
in the back of four runners and Cadillacs
then expect God to look past my soul
like I had cataracts
took the mic as my battle axe
when friends started to catch death
from bullets and overdoses
not to sound precocious
but I didn’t know what the definition
of what a ghost is
till I caught the feeling of hopeless
cuz even the Devil notices the unnoticed
and when the answers are unfolded
and you’re forced to pick up your focus
and hold it with an heir of invincibility
until you relearn the meaning of humility
when you’re told by someone you love
your dream is a silly means to an end
that came too early
and you wonder why
I put my hand out
and wait for the world to burn me

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