Art Dealers

My life's candor 
gets trapped in life patterns 
wrapped in mics rapture 
remain my pen master 
art dealer, street pastor 
ink anger bleed after 
sleep in the minds of strangers 
then dream after 
light cannabis to green pastures 
draw nightmares between screams, laughter 
breed factors for change 
engage in episodes of the strange 
that enslave the plane for advancement 
supply paint for grand standing 
living on a pixelated earth 
encased in bad graphics, craft magic 
beliefs of dominance creeped in opulence scenic profit binge 

ending hollow trends wearing graffiti on my skin 
drums of war escalate sonic bids 
mindful within, prideful within 
to reflect psycho revenge 
penning bars from hard marble 
Frida Kahlo scarred sorrow 
bangin street art like there’s no tomorrow