American Graffiti

Breath radiation of Saturn
splatter actors faster than the teachings of the master
terrorists exist in all forms of attackers
from the White House to country side pastures
leavin’ Cube’s banter fractured
what does it matter?
all that matters is the matter that lives in the here after
bending over pastors for making children a prophets bastard
pillaged for monetary stature
becoming wannabe rappers like condoms that have been nutted in
true art on punishment
to put it in laymen
my statements are laced with hatred and anguish
crashin’ New York Jets like demented Joe Namaths
patience run thinner than diarrhea Steven King novels
hostile coke sniffers become president mouths limber
gambling freedom for nuclear winter
injure democratic communism as holographic Kennedy’s
snipers wish they could hit ‘em
the governments an immune system
rejecting the cure for the sickness
with crooked crucifixes
as the middle class and needy
become the sacrificial lamb for American graffiti

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