W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S. New Album, BBQ & Chaos Now Available

Wastelands has returned with their new album, BBQ & Chaos. After Short Fuze and Taiyamo Denku embarked on successful solo careers and, Augury focused on family, the trio has decided to reunite after 10 years. Initially, the album was started in 2011 by Short Fuze and Denku. The handful of tracks that were recorded at that time were vaulted. After a recording session Denku did for Short Fuze, they listened to the tracks they had and decided they should finish what they started. Short Fuze reached out Augury to record new material along with Denku to finish the album. The album features production from: Uncommon Nasa, Dcypha, Black Tokyo, Agartha Audio and more. The crew is excited to have you all hear this album. They feel it's their best and most complete album to date. Click the album cover below to download the album. Enjoy!


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  • Kingsize (mr Izm)
    Kingsize (mr Izm) WI
    What happened to the collaboration lol

    What happened to the collaboration lol

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