Spectrum Pulse Video Review

Mark Grondon of Spectrum Pulse gave us a great review on his YouTube Channel for Spectrum Pulse

The Riviera Autonomy Music Album Review

Original Link: The Riviera by Jack

Artist: Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa 
Album: Autonomy Music 
Record Label: Uncommon Records 
Release Date: 19th July 2016 

There are few in the underground Hip-Hop game who have been as prolific in recent years…

Damn That Noise Review

Original Link: Damn That Noise Review by Ralph Perez

Autonomy Music is the 2nd full-length album from Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa with the last being 2010’s Lobotomy Music, and it is a ride through internal struggles, depression, and spiritual…


Scratched Vinyl Review

Original Link: Scratched Vinyl Review by Chi Chi

Emcee Short Fuze and producer/emcee Uncommon Nasa have been frequent collaborators over the years. If you’re not already familiar with their music, all you have to do is listen to their third…


Spectrum Pulse Review

Original Link: Spectrum Pulse Review by Mark Grondon

Let's talk a bit about cosigns. 

Because as a critic, I'm always pretty wary of them. You get plenty of artists who will pitch themselves as being 'like' a specific act…