Notice The Unnoticed

Back where it all started
asleep and half hearted
half man half martyr
lookin’ to unmask the masked target
bumpin’ I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
loud and obnoxious
quoting the Koran
for good grace of the prophets 
cuz the devil ain’t no locksmith
find solace in parallel elevation
of public transportation
scopin’ inebriated faces
lookin’ at life as makeshift
sharing the same hustler nature
same lustful hatred
reaching for the hand of God
with a closed fist wrist broken
carrying the weight of the hopeless
even God notices the unnoticed
same line, same mind, same grind, same find
the grass is always greener
even for the dense
drawn from a dead end sketch
cuz they didn’t even know
when and where to make the catch

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