Monumental State Of Mind

This is an open letter to Hilary
Senator McCain and Obama
I don’t care where in the world is Osama
the scapegoat of a monster
who Mr. Bush had us believe
if he were in prison terrorism wouldn’t exist
ignorance is bliss myth of fingerprints
here’s the list of things that need to be to co exist
bring the troops home from Iraq
give us the peace sign back
I know it was about saving face but this goes beyond that
you gotta dead the Patriot Act
it mad Arabs the new black
Islamic racism made me choose
between patriotism and my belief system
I’m rolling with God to the finish
women got the right to choose don’t close the clinics
then you gotta silence the cynics on this immigration sickness
all we want is our piece of the pie and our vision of mastery
whether it’s McDonald’s, in the fields, or factories, give us amnesty
God Bless America, home of the brave, soul of the slave
land of democracy and lack of oil
to the victor go the spoils

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