Life Blood

The Devil enters my soul
my breath becomes cold mid winter
with a sudden inclination to injure
overwhelmed with visions to hit her
the first blows delivered
insert evidence between psychosomatic elements the precedent 
for what Kane and Abel told
strengthen the hold, mangle her throat
gouge her eye sockets
runnin’ out of breath reachin’ where I God is
my God it’s six hundred sixty six seconds beyond logic
my rage becomes toxic
to the point,I step outside my body to watch it
with no concept I’m monstrous
down the road, I’ll be a secret amongst the prophets
bludgeon her chest, feel her ribs knockin’
talkin’ with hatred and love
tasting her blood, raising her stumps
sky ward, onward christian soldier
fold her in half, enclose her in sacks
and relish the fact
I’ve sent mankind on a murderous path
you do the math

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