I don’t cry when cops die 
but you never ask why 
blue lives matter is a lie 
another sign of oppression 
disconnected from protection and service 
blue lights still make me nervous 
is this going to be my last breath 
sick of black death 
and the same old stories 
turned into blood orgies 
a bullet in our head, now you’re sorry 
all of sudden it’s some sort of allegory 
stuck in the doesn’t happen category 
if I show resistance 
I’m complicit in non compliance 
deserving of the violence 
it ain’t science 
cops exercise their right 
to keep us silent 
they wonder why we riot 
we’re dying on this non freedom diet 
White America wouldn’t dare try it 
now you know why I’m crying 
grieving for lost souls 
in nightmares underneath my eyelids

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