Dollar Billed Pyramids

In God I trust
knock the dust off my faced in value
I’m chased in volume
encased in volume of money, cash, hoes
bloody stash nose
her body has those curves
that instill the thrill
to kill bills like
some coked up Beatrix Kiddo
in the back of spliffed out limos
without the tinted windows
suckin’ for the fiscal
her bodies oh so sinful
to the instrumental of
Can’t It Be So Simple
lookin’ at this girl there’s nothing
she won’t get into
while her son’s at home
smashin’ on Nintendo
she’s blowin’ on them whistles
down to the creamy gristle
gettin’ whipped by pistols
just to feed her kiddo
100 dollar billers
make her titties jiggle
thinkin’ my God, he’s never gonna uplift you

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  • Evie Wardill
    Evie Wardill USA

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