Bully Rappers

They say Karniege is ill
spittin’ arsenic pills
runnin’ through carcasses with carnivorous ills
that makes Short Fuze the bottom feeder
spittin’ the illest verse on track
since Nas ripped Ether
expect no response time
like when the God ripped Ether
knockin’ the meat rack off the meter
in Air Max sneakers
with uncommon color combination’s
that cause you seizure
like Ted Kennedy givin’ Travolta’s son
a drunken breather
cynical verses strike down Godless preachers
like rocket speakers
make sure the palms stay smoked
walkin’ a fine line like Beyonce coke
takin’ a blind side
like in the nine nine
when my minds shine
took a fine shine
to a nine’s confined sign
forcing me to hop a tauntaun
to find God with inside eyesight
that after a 100 years of rap
my minds grind will see my rhymes grime
as the aggressor on the time line
with insight that my designed plight
is set to burst the grammatical pipeline
with 20/20 hindsight I might
pen vernacular Godzilla
to incite fear
in wannabe killers and drug dealers
leavin’ em posers like Scarface action figures
as the Uncommon pillar
movin’ past y'all
any doubt I rap raw
ask God I start penning this curse
on the back of a fuckin’ tax form

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