Addicted To The Horn

4 years under the radar
reborn in the graveyard
back from the dead with blazed bars
watched from a distance, amassing a hit list
bloggers play God, get called out
bang hard just to get a rep Gangstarr
turn around blame the same God's they held in such high esteem
walk the same conscience stream as me
then talk about the world crumbling beneath your feet
Bboy ill joyful kill spit devoid pills
one last high off the paranoid thrill 
poison pen, boys to men living sinful 
semi autos and pistols
weed smoke blowing out the window
taking in lessons from gin soaked kin folk
watching them turn to zombies
as their veins kissed dope
strength is a thin rope either fight or get ghost

Spent years pouring my life into these pages
chasing the ghosts of greatness
winds of change shape shift complacent
struggled to fight the demons I was faced with tainted
disappeared for a year to pen my magnum opus
instead lost focus
crushed by the weight of the hopeless
hopin' the love of my life took notice
choking on the mask I was cloaked in
emotion postponed inner growth of the showman
loaded weapons brought to the pulpit
speak corrosion going through the motions
at most It's the pressure of life encoded
ripping family pictures and smoked it
miss holding my daughter I'm folded in self loathing
mistakes I'm froze in
looking to God posted holding
got it sewn in, close it


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